Parliament Education

Parliamentary Education Section (PES) of People’s Majlis Secretariat recognizes the importance of educating, empowering, and encouraging citizens to actively participate in the democratic process. In this regard, the objective of PES is to:

  • enhance public knowledge about the Constitution of the Maldives, the Parliament (People’s Majlis), and its processes.
  • increase public engagement and participation in the democratic process and works of the People’s Majlis.

What we do

As part of its outreach activities, PES conducts one day seminars in selected schools of Maldives every year.

The purpose of these seminar is to provide participants with the knowledge and understanding of the Constitutional History, how different changes were brought to the Governing System in the Maldives and to educate and train students on Democratic principles and Parliamentary process.

Guided Informational Tours of the People’s Majlis can be arranged with prior booking for students from Schools, College, University, and members of the public. To book a tour, you may send an official request via a letter or do booking here. The Parliamentary Education Section (PES) of the People’s Majlis will process these requests and make necessary arrangements. Students program includes:

Program 1
  • Days: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Content: Guided Tour and a 45-minute information session about People’s Majlis
Program 2
  • Days: Sunday and Thursday
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Content: Guided tour and 1.5-hour information session about People’s Majlis.
What does the tour cover?
In the guided tour, participants will visit the following locations.
  • Majlis Chamber
  • Walkways around the Chamber
  • Gallery rooms (Majlis Chamber viewing rooms)
  • Committee Rooms
  • Library and Archive
What does the information session cover:
  • Constitutional History of Maldives and People’s Majlis
  • Role, responsibilities, and functions of People’s Majlis
  • How does a Bill become a Law?
  • State Duties, Fundamental Rights and Freedom
  • Ways public can engage with the People’s Majlis and members.

Practice Parliament programs targeting youth and women has been conducted by People’s Majlis in partnership with UNDP Maldives. The aim of these programs is to provide opportunity for women and youth to build their capacity to participate in democratic processes and eventually contest for elected positions. Practice Parliament consists of two components.

1 - Training Workshop
  • Fundamentals of civic education
  • Key parliamentary processes
  • Relevant policy issues
1 - Practice Parliament Sitting
  • A mock parliamentary proceeding.

Every year the People’s Majlis, Parliamentary Education Section will decide what activities would be conducted to celebrate these days. International Day of Parliamentarism on 30th June, International Day of Democracy is celebrated on 15th September and Constitution Day of Maldives is 22nd December.

In the past, activities like Essay writing and Drawing competitions have been held to celebratethese days.

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