Fathimath Niusha

Secretary General of the Parliament of Maldives


Fathimath Niusha was appointed as its Secretary-General by the Parliament of Maldives (People’s Majlis) on 9th July 2018. Prior to her appointment, she had been the Deputy Secretary General of the Parliament for 6 years, and has extensive experience in the workings of the Parliament and the Secretariat. On numerous occasions, she had acted as the Secretary General of the Parliament in the absence of the Secretary-General.

Fathimath Niusha is licensed to practice law in the Maldives from 2006 onwards and has undertaken various projects on legislative drafting and translation of legislation from Dhivehi to English. She is on the National Archives Advisory Board and is the current President of the Board. She has represented the Parliament on various occasions in meetings abroad and has guided the Parliamentary Education programs conducted by the Secretariat in the past.

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