Secretariat Structure

Fathimath Niusha

Secretary General of the Parliament of Maldives

Mohamed Haleem

Sergeant at Arms

Fathimath Filza

Counsel General

Mohamed Rasheed

Assistant Secretary General - Member Services and General Administration

Hanan Hussain

Assistant Secretary General - Table Office

Ahmed Faiz Mohamed

Head of Administration - General Administration and Human Resources Department

Ibrahim Rasheed

Deputy Director General - Finance Section

Hassan Rafeeu

Assistant Director General - Parliament Education & Library

Ahmed Naseer

Director - Hansard

Hassan Ziyau

Director - Media & Communication

Zuyina Badury

Director - Foreign Relations

Mohamed Hussain

Director - ICT

Saudullah Ibrahim

Deputy Director - Procurement

Abdulla Salam Ibrahim

Deputy Director - Maintenance

Ahmed Maan Assad

Information Officer

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