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The Environment and Climate Change Committee applauds the Government’s commitment to achieve net-zero emissions by 2030

15 Dec 2020

The Environment and Climate Change Committee of the People’s Majlis applauds the Government’s commitment to achieve net-zero emissions by 2030, which was announced by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on United Nations Climate Ambition Summit 2020 held virtually to mark the fifth anniversary of Paris Climate Agreement. With this commitment, the Maldives is showing that climate vulnerable countries are at the forefront of action and ambition, and with this new target, the Maldives has jumped ahead as one of the leaders’ in the race to a net-zero future.

As President expressed, Maldives would need international financing mechanisms and the right support to achieve net-zero emission by 2030. Therefore, it is significant to evaluate the available international financing options including opportunities through non-governmental organizations, charitable organizations and other international programs, to gather the required resources.

Since Maldives is one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change, we believe, in order to achieve our ambition to reach net-zero emissions by 2030, it is essential for international fiscal aid groups to support Maldives.

The Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF) is a group of countries including Maldives, in which we are amongst most 20 vulnerable countries with limited domestic resources for tackling climate change. Thus, the Committee believes, Maldives may look forward to achieving the set target through the “Climate Prosperity Plans” launched by the CVF. It is specifically designed as a vehicle for securing international support and to leverage new investments from global, regional, and national sources towards national climate-resilient, zero-carbon economic development.

Therefore, to facilitate the financial requirement to progress in lowering emissions and increasing climate resilience and to ultimately achieve net-zero emissions by 2030, the Committee advocates Maldives to acknowledge the “Climate Prosperity Plans”, and other such programs.


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