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Speaker of the People’s Majlis decides to hold the 5th episode of ‘ASK SPEAKER’

21 Jun 2022

Hon. President Mohamed Nasheed, MP, Speaker of the People’s Majlis will hold the 5th episode of ‘ASK SPEAKER’ on 30th June 2022 at 21:00hrs.

This is a LIVE TV program conducted by the People’s Majlis Secretariat in association with Public Service Media. During the program, broadcasted LIVE on PSM, other local TV channels and social media platforms, Hon. Speaker will take questions from the public and answer them in real-time.

The program is aimed to increase the public’s engagement with the People’s Majlis and provide a platform for citizens to comment on the work done during the ongoing sessions of the parliament. Members of the public can ask the Speaker questions via phone call, video message, text message or on social media platforms. Alternatively, the public can send in their Video / Text questions to our HOTLINE number +960 7234566 before 14:00hrs of 30th June 2022. Social Media users are requested to post their questions using the hashtag #AskSpeaker.


For all media enquiries, please contact:

Mr. Hassan Ziyau Director, Media & Communications People’s Majlis Secretariat (Parliament of the Maldives) Tel: 3032636 Email: [email protected] Follow news related to the People’s Majlis on Twitter: @mvpeoplesmajlis

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