ކޮމިޓީގެ ނަން

Foreign Relations


26 މޭ 2021 10:40



17th Meeting of 2021


In this meeting, the Committee discussed the resolution submitted to the parliament by MP Saud Hussain of Vilingilli Constituency calling for the parliament to call out Israel's atrocious inhumane actions against the people of Palestine and to call the international community to recognize Palestine as an independent state. In this meeting, MP Ahmed Haitham of South Mahchangolhi Constituency proposed that the Committee support and pass this resolution as it is. This proposal was seconded by MP Ahmed Easa of Kendhikulhudhoo Constituency. However, to vote on a issue, the Committee had previously decided that the voting quorum to be achieved should be 6 members. And since there were only four members present in the meeting, the Committee decided to vote on this issue in the next meeting.

ބައްދަލުވުމުގައި ކުރެވުނު މަސައްކަތްތައް
20 ޖުލައި 2020 - Resolution under chapter 167 of parliament regulation, Submitted by Hon. Saud Hussain, MP for Villingili

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