ކޮމިޓީގެ ނަން

Committee on Decentralization


11 މާރިޗު 2020 12:35



6th meeting of 2020


Committed discussed the issue received from B.Kamadhoo Council asking for a remedy to the challenges faced in running the council and decided to send letters to Local Government Authority and Civil service commission requesting for the details of actions taken in that matter. Committee also discussed the complaint sent by Abdul Azeez Ibrahim / Badheysabaa, ADh. Dhihdhoo regarding the proposed amendment by the government to the Decentralization Act, where it was decided to inform him that the amendment was passed with regard to the public opinion and discussions with relevant authorities. The committee also discussed the letter regarding the contradictions between Act no: 7/2010 (Decentralization Act) and land related regulations while leasing land and it was decided that an answer to be given according to the information provided by Maldives Land Survey Authority and Local Government authority. Committee also decided that the committee do not have the jurisdiction to on the issue submitted to the Committee on Environment and Climate changes stating that lands are issued against the Decentralization Act in Adh. Omadhoo as it is an ongoing court case. Committee also decided that the committee do not have the jurisdiction on the issue regarding the uncompleted public toilets in Hulhumaale Atoll Shops as it is an ongoing court case.

ބައްދަލުވުމުގައި ކުރެވުނު މަސައްކަތްތައް
25 ފެބްރުއަރީ 2020 - Letter sent from Baa Kamadhoo Council
12 ފެބްރުއަރީ 2020 - letter sent from Mohamed Hussain/ athamaage/adh omadhoo regarding unlawful issuing of 103 land
12 ނޮވެމްބަރު 2019 - Letter sent from Abdul azeez ibrahim/badheysabaa, adh.dhihdhoo
27 އޮކްޓޯބަރު 2019 - letter sent from Hussain Adam/ hulhumale flat no.63-01-04

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