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20th Foreign Relations Committee

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The committee was established on June 3, 2024, during the second session of the 20th Majlis. The committee has the duty of reviewing foreign relations affairs, identifying and submitting any changes in foreign relations policies to Majlis, and implementing the duties mentioned in sections 116(b) to (m) of the Rules of Parliament in relation to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and every organization that plans and works in the foreign sector. In this regard, the committee's report should be submitted to Parliament, requesting that the bills submitted by these organizations be reviewed, completed, and referred to Parliament; the annual reports be reviewed; amendments be identified; and the issues filed by these organizations be reviewed with suggestions on how to proceed with them. To review what these organizations are accomplishing and to suggest what needs to be modified. It also reviews the relationship between the Maldives and foreign countries, as well as the Maldives' relations with various international organizations that have become members. The Committee is also responsible for reviewing the types of treaties and agreements that the Maldives have with foreign countries and international organizations, reviewing motions for the approval of Maldives ambassadors to foreign countries and international organizations, and submitting the committee's report to the Majlis.

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