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20th Committee on Information and Communication Technology

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The committee was established on June 3, 2024, during the second session of the 20th Majlis. The committee has the duty of reviewing all aspects of information and communication technology and taking steps to address them, as well as the National Center for Information Technology, the Maldives Communications Authority, and any additional institutions or institutions which run public digital infrastructure and digital services on a national level. And implementing the duties mentioned in sections 124-1(b) to (e) of the Rules of Majlis regarding any government office or company that is considered set up or carried out by information and communication technology. In this regard, it is essential to review and complete sector-related bills, submit reports to Majlis requesting that they be reviewed, and review the annual reports of these institutions, identify the issues that need to be revised, review the complaints filed, and meet those offices or companies to inquire about their affairs. To review how offices perform their duties and to identify areas that require enhancement.

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