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The committee was established at the 2nd sitting of the 20th People's Majlis held on June 3, 2024. The mandate of this committee includes ascertaining whether the expenditures incurred by the agencies of the state are in accordance with provisions of the law and ensuring whether the budgets approved by the parliament are spent for the assigned budget purposes. The committee also scrutinize any expenditure of budget in excess of the authorized amount in order to ascertain the causes of such expenditure. Furthermore, the committee review the financial accounts and audit reports of the state agencies, state-owned companies and enterprises and identify measures which need to be taken and as such notifying the relevant institution of the Government of such measures. In addition, the committee attend the needful and does the necessary role related to majlis to facilitate the Government in obtaining loan facilities or providing State guarantees. Moreover, the committee oversees the work of Maldives Monetary Authority and Auditor General's Office, hence, the committee determines the salaries which are required to be determined by the People’s Majlis via consultation process with other relevant committees, where required.

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