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20th Committee on State Owned Enterprises





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The committee was established at the 2nd sitting of the 20th People's Majlis on June 3, 2024. Under Article 124 of the Rules of Procedure of the People's Majlis, mandates of the committee are to ascertain whether the state-owned Enterprise and the business places are managed applying the sound business practices including the corporate governance mechanism. It is the role of the committee to ascertained whether the Board has properly discharged their duties and responsibilities; whether there are any challenges faced by the Board and whether the transactions related to the company are being carried out in accordance with the company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association and the decisions of the Board. Furthermore, it’s the role of the committee to ascertain whether the companies are making efforts to improve the management and operation of the company. Hence, it is the role of the committee to analyze whether the financial situation of the companies and the business places are improving or deteriorating annually and scrutinize whether the dividend are paid to shareholders on a yearly basis.

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